10 things you should know about Catalonia´s Independence Referendum

  • An EU Commission spokesman said that leaders in Brussels did not see that coming and “it´s now up to Spain to solve its own s**t.”
  • 1st of October was the first day this year when tourists were not the most hated people in Barcelona. National police will top the charts for the coming weeks.
  • Theresa May send her top Brexit advisor to help out with negotiations between the Catalan leadership and the central government in Madrid. However, Spaniards confused Boris Johnson with a monkey, sedated him and sent him to the Zoo in Alicante.
  • While most Spaniards showed anger at the referendum, Madrilenes were happy: it means FC Barcelona will be kicked out of La Liga.
  • Donald Trump said that what happened in Catalonia last night only justifies his travel ban.
  • Speaking at a conference in Crimea, Putin said that territorial integrity of a nation is non-negotiable and inviolable.
  • Viktor Orban called the Spanish PM to congratulate his failed but admirable effort to stop the referendum through violence against his own people. He also invited Spain to join the Visegrad Group.
  • French went on a general strike to protest against or for the referendum.
  • Now that Spain´s GDP decreased by half, Angela Merkel invited all Spaniards to seek asylum in Germany.
  • Spaniards and foreigners leaving in the Catalan region announced their own referendum for independence from Catalonia.

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