Austrian Presidency of EU Council achieves its goal: EU adopts “total meat consumption” roadmap to 2030

Following general consensus in the European scientific community with regard to the harmful effects of vegetables and fruits based diets  on human health and the indisputable benefits of a 100% meat diet (see summarising video below), the Austrian presidency of the European Council has as of today signed the flagship EU Roadmap to Total Meat Consumption by 2030 (TMC2030). 

Acknowledging the weaknesses in the food supply system, EU realises that a total phase out of fruits and vegetables can only be achieved gradually: first, by 2022, fruit products will be phased out and finally, by 2030, selling of vegetables and fruits will be prohibited from supermarkets, farmers markets and all other kinds of markets.

Farmers in the animal rearing sector were delighted with the results:

“I am relieved that finally the high-level EU politicians also realised that our future can only be one with a clear commitment to the meat producing sector and to heavy meat consumption lifestyles. This will not only ensure a healthy diet for our children and grandchildren, but also the conservation of the special taste of different meat products that Europe is known for, like Salami, Kebap, or Hamburger (from Hamburg). This is what sustainable development for future generations means.”, Mr. Mustafa, German farmer from GDR declared for RTL 2.

Last but not least, a strengthened focus on meat production also opens opportunities for exports to the global market. While on his diplomatic visit to South Sudan, Commission President Mr. Juncker hailed the initiative:

“Overwhelming research shows that the demand for meat and other animals products will increase indefinitely in regions of Asia, the Middle East and also all the other parts of the world. Therefore, it is imperative for the EU to take leadership in exporting high quality meat products to an increasing number of people in need. Call this a humanitarian cause if you will.”

Despite spending more than 10 billion euros in lobbying last year alone, the MEPs supporting the European Association of Vegetarians, Vegans and Raw Vegans were severely defeated by the indisputable piece of scientific research and lost the European Parliament vote on TMC2030 by 500 to 6.

Speaking at a press conference in Brussels, the Austrian President of the Council, Mr(s) C. Wurst, made a strong statement in support of this new piece of Community legislation:

“In the end, it´s just tasty!”

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